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Monkanvo produces high quality woven textiles made from wool.
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Monkanvo produces woven textiles made entirely from wool.
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About Monkanvo


Monkanvo (read MonKanvò) is an initiative to produce and promote high quality winter textiles. Monkanvo is also a unique international brand for the sale and promotion of woven textiles of African inspiration that draws on the diversity and transversality of the weaving profession. Monkanvo is led by Joseph Hervé Ahissou, a Canadian resident from the Republic of Benin, West Africa. Monkanvo is part of the business initiatives of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC).


The creations of Monkanvo are made to tell identities. To create an emotion of belonging, of possession, of proximity, of encounters, of human links. The universal diversity is nourished by particularities. With each thread of wool, Monkanvo weaves links for the climate around the main knot that is the human. Monkanvo promotes African cultures and enriches the history of the world through the production of clothing.


Monkanvo produces woven textiles made from wool. With Monkanvo, you can customise the products of your choice. We can offer you products according to your style and/or your favourite colours. Monkanvo products are of a high quality.

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